Whether it is fitness or athletic sports, sports shoes are required to meet the requirements of mechanics, biology, ergonomics, kinematics, sports physiology and hygiene in sports, but also to help athletes improve athletic performance or create better Athletic performance. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of sports shoes should take full account of the characteristics of sports, which is different from other shoes, shoes and other footwear logo.

Control Action Class

Suitable for moderate to severe varus, and higher weight of the people, it can improve the runners on the heel and running control, and can support the arch site. Its external features are thickening of the arch site, the weight of shoes moderate emphasis.

Cushioning and Cushioning

Suitable for running skills is better, with the forefoot or middle of the floor, with the soles of the feet and the outside of the runners. The weight of the shoes is medium and the sole is thick.

Stable Category

Suitable for mild to moderate valgus foot type, with the middle of the foot and the outside of the runners. The weight of the shoe is medium.

Match Category

Suitable for running technology is good, lighter weight or feet slightly turning runners use. The weight of the shoe is lighter.

Off-road Category

Soles thicker, deep groove, suitable for land, forest and other natural ground running when wearing. The weight of the shoe is heavy.

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